Model- description


Any  ”Strandkorb” is a unique, one of a kind, as it is handcrafted to your specifications. Five exclusive model series, a huge variety of decorative fabrics and numerous selected weaves provide endless choice for individual design ideas.

Model Classic

Our classic for everything the heart desires.Our robust, solid model designed in a rounder shape is available in several different braided colors with all (inside) fabrics of our assortment.

Model Teak

Robust and durable, this models soft lines and forms originate at the Baltic Sea. This basket is hand braided. One can choose between many different design and equipment options such as rattan look or rattan braiding, a variety of fabrics, as well as different seat adjustment levels (lean-back or lay-down).

Model Konsul

The Classic in our traditional “Nordsee-form” – found typically on our German Beaches. This model has all the amenities as our model “Classic” with only a difference in the shape. The classic “Nordsee-form”. Nearly unlimited possibilities of combinations make this model a favorite for those who already have experienced Beach Baskets themselves at many of the German Beaches.

Model Senator

Our superior model in the traditional “Nordsee-form”.Model Senator is ideal for individuals that who value precious woods. All visible woods are made of Mahogany-Meranti. The braided outside materials and inside fabric covers can be combined in the same great variety as with the models Classic, Konsul, President and President-Alu.

Model President

The  Top Model

A backyard Beach Basket that truly satisfies the highest demands. The high quality of manufacturing ensures many many years of enjoyment. An example of the comfort it offers: high grade steel mountings enable stepless adjustment of the basket top – so easy, you don’t even need to get up.

Model President - Teak

Our topmodel combined with a truly precious wood: durable teakwood from controlled plantations in Java (Indonesia). It’s naturally high content of oils and India rubber make it water, heat and frost resistant. President teak has exclusive features such as high grade steel mountings for step-less adjustment of the basket top with the outside braided in a rattan look.

Model President - Alu

The absolute Top of the Line Model.

President-Alu is the worlds first “Strandkorb” manufactured with a maintenance-free aluminum base. This model is unsurpassed in it’s longevity. The basis is varnished, so it’s not noticeable that it is in fact made of aluminum. Similar as our model President, this model is generously equipped. The different (ouside) braiding and fabric combinations should fulfill our your desires.

Model Comfortclass - DUO

The inside fabrics on the top and sides of the comfort class ,,Strandkorb,, are equipped with “Airtex”-fabrics. The removable cushions are covered with special outdoor fabrics and are reversible and make it a top model of it’s class.

Other Specials

Here you can find the historic beachbasket in its original size, as well as a different one of a kind! You can also use your beachbasket in order to advertise with your company logo or as a sales-stand. Not to forget about our little ones: this is mega fun for kids in the yard and makes a truly unique present for Christmas or birthdays and will last for the years to come (a little present for the kids is also included….but shhhh….we won’t give away the surprise yet). And if you think that this is it?!--- Nope!!….We won’t forget about your dog either (we don’t want you to have to fight for your favorite seat); No one should be left out, so we had a special idea for your dog, too! The dog on the picture, however, will stay with us *smile*.



 …some accessories are simply a must, to ensure your ,,Strandkorb,, longevity. So take a look at our enclosed descriptions.

.. what are the differences ???

North Sea form + Baltic Sea form


The  North Sea form

,, Northsea ,,

 The North Sea form:

 Against it the North Sea form is rather straight and angularly. Typically for Sylt, in addition, for all other beaches of the rough North Sea. Consul, senator and president orient themselves at the classical North Sea beach basket.

recline to a flat surface

The  Baltic Sea form

,, Balticsea ,,

 The Baltic Sea form:

The Baltic Sea form gives itself softly and swung. The model Classic embodies many elements of this strandkorbes, which has its origin in the Baltic Sea baths.



half - recline